Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

A review of Bounty Hunter metal detectors in comparison to other brands, based on price, learning curve, performance, and qualities.Bounty Hunter metal detectors can be used in a wide variety of locations, and can be used for many different purposes - fro

Currently, there are hundreds of different types of metal detectors on the market, and the hardest part of getting into the hobby is picking the right one. Whether you want to find lost jewelry at the beach, pick up pocket change lost by children at the local playground, or find antique coins and relics, the type of metal detector you buy has a direct impact on how well you will perform, and how much you will enjoy the hobby.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

     Bounty Hunter metal detectors are considered by many to be the choice brand for beginners of the hobby. They offer the functionality shared by many metal detectors, while being very forgiving to those who simply want to be able to find treasure as soon as they pop in the batteries. Advantaged of Bounty Hunter metal detectors include:

     Gradual Learning Curve

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are ready to go out of the box. The user does not have to spend much time calibrating the device, and they all come with pre-set programs for those who are intimidated or not yet knowledgable enough to know how much sensitivity to allow the device, or how much metal discrimination to use.

     Low Cost

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are among the least expensive in the market, while still remaining quality products. With any other brand, you would be hard pressed to find a competent detector under $200, whereas Bounty Hunter offers many. This allows those new to the hobby to kick the wheels and determine whether or not metal detecting is for them without having wasted hundreds of dollars. 


Bounty Hunter offers many types of metal detectors based on whatever your needs are. They offer waterproof detectors for those who prefer the beaches, detectors of varying skill requirements, and detectors of varying performance. This allows new and experienced detectorists alike discover which product is right for them.

As with all products, Bounty Hunters do have their flaws. Compared to competitors, Bounty Hunter metal detectors are not as high performing or versatile, in that competitor brands may offer detectors with deeper target depth detection, a more accurate reading, or a more sensitive coil. These criticisms are to be expected, as competitors are more catered to those who are deeply involved in the hobby, while Bounty Hunter offers cheaper and easier to use alternative for those just getting started. Overall, Bounty Hunter metal detectors are great products for their prices, and should be the first stop for anyone considering getting into the hobby.

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